Crappie fishing---we have the crappie jigs, perch jigs and fishing tackle products you need.  We also have fishing gifts that customers want.  All from &  Whether you buy gifts & novelties from our virtual store on  worldwide web or fishing tackle from our former retail store, Woody's Bait & Tackle II, on Keystone Lake in Oklahoma, we strive to provide expertise, products and service that far exceed our customers' expectation.

Crappie & Perch Jigs that are hand-tied with squirrel tail, 

made in Oklahoma! 

Custom colors you won't find anywhere else!

Excellent Quality....catch fish every time (they're biting)!

Gold Mustad Hook #32750 used on all jigs.

1/64 oz. Jigs Hook Size #8 


$3.25 Per 6 Pack



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Please call Woody's Bait & Tackle II at 918-245-8491 for telephone orders & inquiries.


#ST20 1/32 oz. All Black

#ST21 1/32 oz. Black/Black/Fl. Chart.

#ST22 1/32 oz. Red/Black/Fl. Chart.

#ST23 1/64 oz. All Purple

#ST24 1/64 oz. All Brown 

#ST25 1/64 oz. Black/Orange/ Fox





1/64 oz. All Black


1/64 oz. Black/Black/Fl. Chart.


1/64 oz. Red/Black/Fl. Chart.



1/64 oz. All Purple


1/64 oz. All Brown


1/64 oz. Black/Orange/Fox



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